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The 4 Most Popular Book Binding Methods

When most of us want to print a book from pdf 🕮, what we care about might not only include pdf printing service but also include book binding service we might hove to think about what types of binding we should choose. The complicated information on the internet confuses us sometimes😕. We need systematic instruction! Here we go.😀

People choose the four most popular book binding types:
  1. Perfect binding with a soft cover


perfect bound book printing


This method binds pdf to paperback, 
which is also the type we usually touch the most in the book market or store.
perfect binding

Perfect binding is a widely used paperback binding method. With this binding style, the interior pages, and cover are glued together at the spine with the strong glue. The Remaining 3 sides of the book are then trimmed to make their edges clean and "perfect". 
Common Usage:
 textbooks, novels, magazines with high page count, annual and corporate reports, product manual.

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  1. Coil Binding, which includes 2 types of binding:


wire bound book printing

Coil binding is an ideal solution for books that require more flexible page-turning.
Coil books can be opened a full 360 degrees.
  1. Wire binding (Wire-o binding), which uses an iron coil.

wire binding


Wire-o Bound Books are an ideal solution for the books that need more structure and sturdier binding.                     



Common Usage: Product Manuals, User Guides, Notebooks, Calendars, and others.



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  1. Spiral binding, which uses a plastic spiral coil.

spiral binding service




Spiral Bound Books use the plastic spiral coil.


Common Usage: Product Manuals, User Guides, Notebooks, Calendars, and others.





  1. Saddle Stitch Bindingsaddle stitch binding

Saddle Stitch Binding
Saddle stitch binding uses two staples to bind the paper, which provides the simplest way to bind documents with fewer page counts. The maximum saddle stitch binding page count at HomeinnkPrintis 64

Common Usage: Script, Magazines, Annual Reports, Comics Books, Cook Books, Booklets, and others.

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