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Digital Alarm Clocks

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Digital Alarm Clocks | Wall Hanging Watch | Table Clock


Material: Acrylic + ABS

Battery: CR2032 (used to store the time when the power is cut off (not included), the clock is powered by the USB cable)

Size: 24 * 9 * 4cm (bigger than other stores)

Power supply: DC 5V 0.75W

Comprehensive settings:

1. General settings: Long press the "Settings" button, and set "12 / 24H" → "Time" → "Year" → "Date" → "℃/℉" via the "+" and "-" buttons. (Click the "Settings" button to enter the next setting)

2. Brightness mode setting: Click the "+" button→"L-SL" is in sleep mode with four levels of automatic sensitivity; "L-AU" with three levels of automatic sensitivity; "L-01" with the first brightness; "L-02" The second brightness; "L-" 03" the third brightness; turn off the display. Do the cycle operation.

3. Display mode setting: Long press the "+" button to switch the display mode: (1) Only display time (2) Time, date, temperature cycle display

Alarm settings:

1. Click the "-" button to turn on/off the alarm

2. Long press the "-" key to enter the alarm setting

3. Start a nap: When the alarm sounds, tap any key to start snoozing, and the alarm indicator flashes slowly

4. Turn off the alarm: When the alarm sounds, long-press any key to turn off the alarm and enter the next alarm state Package Included: 1 x LED clock (without retail box) 1 x USB cable (2M, adapter not included) 1 x User Manual (Explanatory pictures are attached to the product pictures)